the BUICK Emblem and the name CENTURY are registered Many people read their owner’s manual from beginning to end when they first. Buick Century Owners Manual [Buick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Owners Manual. View and Download Buick Century owner’s manual online. General Motors Buick Century Service Manual. Buick Century Automobile pdf.

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Read more Read less. This section also tells you how to obtain service publications and how to report any safety defects.

Buick Century 2002 Owner’s Manual

If it does, you or others could be injured. Chapters Section 1 Seats and Restraint Systems We have quick, easy access to telephone numbers of the following additional services depending on your needs: This is a mistake.

Page Removing the Wheel Center Caps To remove a center cap, use the wrench to pry gently at the notch. One person found this helpful. If your engine catches fire because you keep driving with no coolant, your vehicle can be badly damaged. Slide the headlamp cenfury out of the slots.

Buick Century Owners Manual Handbook Guide Book Maintenance How to Drive 02 | eBay

In Sand, Mud, Ice or Manua If you turn to control clockwise the interior lamps will come on and become brighter as the control is turned further to MAX. Just what we needed to figure out all the car components. Press the latch on the front edge and pull up to access the storage area. The mirror will darken gradually to reduce glare from headlamps behind you.


There is a glow dark trunk release handle located inside the trunk on the latch. Be sure any necessary repairs are completed at once. Page 31 When should an air bag inflate? Here are four things that some owners ask about. Even if your windshield wiper bhick are in good shape, a heavy rain can make it harder to see road signs and traffic signals, pavement markings, the edge of the road and even people walking.

Section 2 Features and Controls Here you can learn about the many standard and optional features on your vehicle, and information on starting, shifting and braking. Trailering means changes in handling, durability and fuel economy.

Buick Century Owners Manuals

Your tape bias is set automatically. In order to provide you with excellent service, calls with the OnStar Center may be monitored or recorded.

Turn on the wipers to LO.

It is filled with DOT fluid. Turn the jack handle clockwise to raise the jack lift head. See your dealer for more information on the system and how to subscribe to OnStar.

Driving On Grades Reduce speed and shift to a lower gear before you start down a long or steep downgrade. Visor Vanity Mirrors Open the cover on the visor to expose the vanity mirror. Sustained high temperature can cause the material of the tire to degenerate and reduce tire life, and excessive temperature can lead to sudden tire failure.


You will hear sound at a reduced level. Page Mode Knob The right knob has several settings to control the direction of airflow.

Turn the knob to move the sound to the left or right speakers. Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir B. The system normally takes between 45 and 90 minutes of vuick to learn the tire pressures.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. You can brighten or dim the instrument panel lights by adjusting the exterior lamps control located to the right of the exterior lamps control.

Getting under a vehicle when it is jacked up is dangerous.

Buick Century Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Failure to pass this inspection could prevent you from getting a vehicle registration. Find the anchors for the seating centuru you want to use, where the bottom of the seatback meets the back of the seat cushion. According to the American Medical Association, a lb. Your wheel could fall off, causing a serious accident.