Supersedes AFI , 1 August Pages: 6. Distribution: F. This instruction implements AFPD , Health Promotion, and establishes. AFI outlines policy aimed toward oversight of tobacco use on Air Force Installations to minimize the adverse impact of tobacco use on. Air Force, AFI 40–, Rights of non-smokers. AFMC, Review and Enforcement Tobacco Control Policies, Standardizes tobacco policies, intent to make tobacco .

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Designates all areas as non-tobacco use areas unless designated as a smoking area.

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. For the present study, we conducted a comprehensive examination of current U.

E-cigarettes contain nicotine, but not tobacco. Although several policies referenced smoking cessation services, Altus Air Force Base Tobacco Use Policy is unique as it highly encourages each unit commander to designate two smoke-free individuals to become Unit Tobacco Cessation Representatives:. Management will determine the size and length of the class.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Several policies make qfi clear that smokers will be accommodated to allow them to smoke inside installation buildings.

Programs at JSBA help kick tobacco to the curb > Joint Base San Antonio > News

The use of smokeless tobacco may cause a number of serious oral health conditions and problems, including cancer of the mouth and gums, periodontitis, tooth loss, and thus loss of medical readiness …. Worst Practices The examination of policies identified several that were unique in their limited tobacco-control impact.

Smoking causes heart disease, stroke, multiple cancers, respiratory diseases, and other costly illnesses. Gonzalez-Anderson cited time and distance as two of the biggest barriers keeping tobacco users from utilizing resources at JBSA. Policies exist across the services addressing non-smoker rights. The st Medical Group, Health and Wellness Center HAWC offers counseling, medication, or a combination of both to inspire and assist all beneficiaries in achieving their tobacco free goals.

Policies on ETS that allow smoking in some facilities and that give priority to smokers exist and likely limit 40-1102 strength of the message that tobacco use is not consistent with readiness. For example, Army Garrison Heidelberg submitted a tobacco use policy that opens with a strong statement supporting the rights of the non-smoker over those of the smoker: Given the high rates of use among military wfi when compared to civilians, the long and notorious history of tobacco propaganda in the military 56 and the unique characteristic of being a population that has to follow orders in the form of directives, regulations, and instructions, the military is an ideal group for policy interventions.


40–102 Although few policies addressed the issue of enforcement, Fort Lewis U. Further, Air Force Instruction AFI 40— also offers a clear statement stating the rights of the non-smoker shall prevail when in conflict with those of a smoker:.

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Base smoking policy includes e-cigarettes – The Tinker Take Off

Although the health dangers associated with smokeless tobacco use are not as numerous or deleterious when compared to cigarette use, it still is associated with negative outcomes that make it a threat to the overall health of military members.

Smokeless tobacco 40–102 not a safe alternative to smoking. This ban includes all buildings and vehicles owned by the DoD. Several policies stood out as exceptional or unusual in certain ways Table I. Independent, detailed policy about expectations related to tobacco.

Tobacco use and the United States military: In an article written May 23,Dr. NVivo was used for text coding and to facilitate afl, retrieval, and systemic comparison of the data.

We collected a total of documents from different military sources across all four military branches and the DoD aafi qualified as a policy i. Know your retirement options Acclaimed speaker Dr.

Base smoking policy includes e-cigarettes By: Support Center Support Center. Medical treatment facilities shall be tobacco free. Supervisors are required to enforce these rules and employees must use self-control in this regard. Quitting smoking will prevent new DNA damage from happening and can even help repair the damage that has already been done. METHODS This study used a mixed methods approach involving both qualitative and quantitative components to evaluate tobacco policy documents from all four service branches of the U.


Furthermore, we intend to protect the health of non-tobacco using members by instituting the following policy throughout Malmstrom AFB and the missile complex: Not only do these types of policies put the burden of inconvenience on the non-smokers, but the underlying message reinforces the idea that smoking is an acceptable part of the military culture.

Smokeless tobacco use is only permitted in designated tobacco use areas. MTF campuses are defined as the area surrounding the clinic or hospital, to include parking structures and lots, lawns and other outdoor areas contiguous with the MTF. Smokeless Tobacco Military tobacco use policies were inconsistent in whether they allowed smokeless tobacco use outside of designated areas.

Please review our privacy policy. Nonsmokers will be 40-1102 to living space not occupied by a smoker; and smokers will be assigned to living space where they may smoke. We thank all aif military members who assisted us in locating tobacco control policies.

Military Tobacco Policies: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Review and Enforcement Tobacco Control Policies. Open in a separate window. Know your retirement options Chief Master Sgt. It is apparent from this policy that the non-smoker is reassigned, therefore inconveniencing and arguably punishing the non-smoker in these situations.

Am J Health Promotion. Footnotes The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy xfi position of the U. Tobacco use degrades Air Force readiness, health and leads to preventable health care costs.