The main wire rope hoist is suitable for carrying heavy loads at relatively fast speeds and is the primary means of vertical access for men and materials in an. Wherever an elevator for inspection, emergency, or interlevel hoisting is required in mines and underground shafts, the Alimak rack and pinion elevator is the. Raise climbing, widely known as the Alimak mining method after the company that introduced it, is a variation on longhole stoping developed.

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Alimak Production Mining, Manroc Developments Inc.

The stopes can alimsk be mined in a shrinkage fashion, with added support gained from the broken ore in place. It is also quite common that the production holes in the raise mining method are smaller than in regular stoping, which will spread the explosive energy more evenly. Gallery Click on the photos below for a larger view: Raise Climber Mining Method Details The raise climber mining method will generally be comprised of the following steps: The alimxk are most often mechanically loaded with either ANFO or an alimka explosive.

All packed and ready to go Eavan Moore. This improves drill accuracy which, in conjunction with the better ground control, reduces dilution substantially. Customer profitability In a ‘time is money’ world, we ensure customers get materials and personnel transported higher, faster and safer.

Other improvements have focused on the climber end. Backfill Fill fence and piping if required. The Saskatoon-based gold miner had increased its minng gold production by 63 per cent overthanks in part to a successful implementation of the Alimak mining method at its Seabee gold mine in Saskatchewan.

Mining narrow ore bodies is vital to the international mining industry, and involves a high level of expertise surrounding geological issues. At Manroc, we have developed innovative solutions and highly specialized skills making us a leader in narrow vein exploitation.

With some exceptions, production blasting minning start in the quarter after raise development starts. Raise climbing, widely known as the Alimak mining qlimak after the company that introduced it, is a variation on longhole stoping developed for narrow-veined, tabular ore bodies. Alimak rack and pinion elevators are ideally suited for providing the secondary, emergency vertical access required by mine safety regulations. Greg Alimmak of UBC has discovered that certain mine tailings can be used for carbon sequestration, and the implications could be enormous.


Currently, we incorporate both conventional and mechanized production mining techniques, as determined by the individual requirements and overall complexity of each site.

Henstridge attributes the higher cost of Alimak mining to reliance aimak contractors; at Williams mine, that makes it 10 per cent more expensive than longhole stoping.

This is very cost effective as the raise is centred in the stope, which concentrates the support where it is needed most.

Drawpoints and Climber Nest: Where required, the stope hangingwall can be supported with deformed strand resin-grouted cable bolts in a regular pattern along the raise. Raise Mining Raise mining is a “longhole” method of bulk mining tabular narrow vein ore bodies. A ramp is not required and, in many cases, neither is the muck pass and ventilation raise of a regular stoping system.

Our full team of experienced Raise Miners, Supervisors and Managers, ensure your project is carried out meticulously, while meeting all budget and time constraints. Stope stability decreases with increasing hydraulic radius, so it can be deduced that a long thin opening will be more stable than a squat opening of the same area, with all else remaining equal.

Allison Henstridge, engineering superintendent at the Williams mine, says the Alimak stopes produce higher tonnages: Managing risks Though Manroc alone has collected a double handful of Alimak success stories, uptake of the technique has been limited since it was popularized in the s. Alimak elevators are also used to provide a simple and economical means of connecting different levels further out in the tunnel system and for transporting men and material between the levels and the stopes.

Review our range of underground mining services below. A new canopy design has provided more room on the climber platform. The nest will be slashed out of the drawpoint backs if development is from the hangingwall side.

With Alimak mining, it took nine months. The set-up also provides ventilation if miners leave zlimak one of the raises after breaking through to the next level.

Raise (mining)

The lens of interest stood metres away from historical infrastructure; with lateral development included, a metre-high stope at Seabee would have taken 16 to 18 months to mine out using longhole stoping.


In a ‘time is money’ world, we ensure customers get materials and personnel transported higher, faster and safer. Now a typical Alimak stope is 80 or 90 metres high and mucked more often minnig an improvement for grade and scheduling. Eliminating the intervening levels cuts out a good chunk of lateral development time and spending. Mining The Alimak elevator is the perfect solution for underground as well as aboveground mining industry applications, such as pelletising plants, smelters, concentrators, and mininng ore processing plants.

The broken ore often compacts slightly, resulting an effective swell of about one third its unbroken volume. Overall costs are lower, but the method also costs more to run, which could deter minibg but does not faze its proponents. Raise mining is a “longhole” method of bulk mining tabular narrow vein ore bodies.

A World Leader

Truck dump back slash if required. They blast the first few metres of the raise and then install a climber running on a curved rail from the nest into the raise. The graph is divided into areas that have been delineated by observed stope behaviour. Strike length was also reduced from 15 to 14 metres after problems with hangingwall caving and dilution.

Raises must be driven big enough that a 2.

A narrow vein ore body has less ore to soak up waste development costs, making the raise mining method an obvious choice. So you put in a lot of work, but you get a lot of ore out at the end. Steelmaking coal price surge reinvigorates Canadian mines Alimao Williams.

Drawpoints can be driven from either footwall or hangingwall, depending on how the ore zone is accessed. Prospects good for long term copper price, despite minimg volatility Lack of major copper discoveries mean supply will likely fall short of demand in next decade.