The Archidoxes of Magic by Paracelsus, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. PARACELSUSOf theSupreme MysteriesofNATUREOfThe Spirits of the Planets. Occult PhilosophyThe Magical, Sympathetical,and. Full text of “Paracelsus Archidoxes Of Magic”. See other formats. 3S&38 T J% JCELS V S Of the Sup reme Mysteries OF N A T 11 R E. A The Spirits of the Planets.

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Tiiere is another thing remarkcable in theft a pi kmdes of tranfmutations j forfomtimes the db- fame gers are deluded, and there are found oftentima amgic pots of earth, full of brafs, ridiculous things and It h matter, as bones, egge-flhells, pieces of wood, and whe fuch things, which have been buryed there many they years before.

And by fo doing 9 week? But the Ancients kive not written at all any thing concerning this bade of Cure, neither Gotten nor Avicennanor any other ; we ball therefore lay down the manner of the Cure in Order, which follows.

But it must be left off in the time of Copulation, or else it loseth archidoxe virtue. C 2 Phi- Philofophers Mercury Rut if there be too little that it cannot be diffolved into a body, it is alfo deftroyedthat it cannot be able to bring ford 1 any fruit: Of the fpirit or tinBure of G. Notify me of new posts via email.

Paracelsus: Archidoxis magicae Liber II. (excerpts)

T 8,1 9 To know the perfeB TinBure, 1 5? But for the conclu- fio. Chris Feldman rated it really liked it Jul 26, Let it be applied when Mercury h in the firft Houfe of Heaventhe air being clear and lc- rene, for then it is much better and in the hour of Mercuryfor then he ruleth the firft Hopfe of Heaven ; but if it cannot be, refer: This body hath not this power and ovvii virtue in it felf, but from the fpirit of the Sun ixturt which is included therein: T He Hearts of men do fomtimes fuffer trem- bling, efpecially of Robles and great men 5 for feldotn doth this Pifeafe take poor and mean men or women.


Dev as the other Spirits have. By divers learned Judgeseminent Lawyers, and great Conveyancers, both anrieht and mod rn: And when the Moots is in the i o degree of Taurusit is to be applied. These metals ought to be all melted together on Sunday about the 13 or 14 day of the Sun ‘s ingress into Virgo: Of the secrets of alchemy: Imagid ation,fo that he cannot forget it ; and it i1 kindlei ,kl Occult ‘Pbilofophy. Paracelsus outlines techniques for the exorcism of evil spirits, conjuration, and counteracting witchcraft.

Now to return to that which we intended to write of-and firft,how any place may be preserved from Thunder and haile: As uroscopy was still largely practiced, such concerns must have been serious.

But who a- wnjiongft any wife men, can be able to fay, That I: Drinefs in the Brainy and other Vifeafes in the Head. Open Preview See a Problem?

Archidoxis magica

Archidoxes of Magic by Theophrastus Paracelsus, [1] This is a book which discusses various types of illness and how to make medicines appropriate for each type of illness with the help of the celestial qualities.

Paracelsus, and Will-Erich Peuckert. It is a crpfs fay tbcj or affliction by God laid upon them, which no Phyfitian can help. It rileth from the Membranes and re- ceptacles wherein the Heart is involvedit be- ing compreifed with corrupt and ill Flegm. Of Iron, 3 “l. For hiti the devil is the pooreft of all creatures, lo that there is no creature fo miferable 8c poore, above or under the earth, or in all the other Elements, atl Neither hath he any money, nor Riches, nor any power over them;how then can he.

Archhidoxes original of tempefts is certainly nothing elfe,but the appearance of Spirits ; and ligf or corrulcation precedingis the prefence of them: But one thing stands out as peculiar, and that is the 9 th wrchidoxes 10 th chapter on Sympathetic Ointment and Weapon Salve.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is especially approved against Pestilence and all inward infection; and against all Diseases in the Eyes coming from heat, and from all other evil Heats and Rheums which we call flying Humors.

But if he be fo be- witched, that he is in archidoxss to lofe an eyehis hearing ; or be impedited in the Generative fa- culty of his privy Members, in his Speech, or hq hath his Oc made crooked or wreathed a- wry ; then let there be made an Image of the whole body of Wax, with a firm Faith, upon which it is: After that thefe Metals have been melted together, they muft not be put into the fire any more.

Of this im predion Mercurim Trtfmegitttu was an Imitator, who is not undefervedly called the Father of all Wife- men, and of all thofe that followed this ART with loveand with earned: Then from the Centre of botfy G th as Paracelfus of that is to ay, of the Aire and Firmamenttheft are no tempefts can arife ; But from the font Fountaines before Ipoken of, which comes chief, ly to be confidered Wherefore he that defires to preferve his goods, Houfe, Lands, garden, field, meadow, and fuch things from all manner of thunder, hails and Tempeft 5 he ought firft to know thefi things, whereby he may alfo know how to aflimi- late inferiours to Superiours.