Home · Božidar Knežević – Božidar Knežević – April 21, | Author: djuvro | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF – MB. Share Embed . Bozidar Knezevic Misli. 2 likes. Interest. Bozidar Knezevic Misli. Privacy · Terms . About. Bozidar Knezevic Misli. Interest. 2 people like this topic. Want to like. Božidar Knežević (3 March , Ub – 18 February , Belgrade) was a Serbian philosopher . “Stradija” (Land of Tribulation) as it seemed to Radoje Domanović and Božidar Knežević when he was writing his doleful “Misli” ( Thoughts).

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Božidar Knežević – Wikipedia

At the same time he concluded that a career in the Church was impossible for one with his individualistic religious views. He was only He did more than anybody to introduce the world literature and philosophy to his countrymen.

He was, indeed, an original thinker. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Furthermore, his illness contributed to his death. For him the unpardonable sin was dogmatism, since he believed that neither religious, nor historical, nor scientific knowledge is nozidar accurate.

Božidar Knežević – MISLI.pdf

It consists in the liberation from all external forces and presupposes the overcoming of ordinary motives for human behavior. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it.

Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. Integrity as well as lasting inspirations to future generations of our species on this earth and elsewhere, perhaps even in the as yet uncharted depths of abysmal space were questions on his mind.

However, in history as a whole, the growth of civilization leads to increasing social justice and the elimination of irrationality in human life.


He completed his gymnasium and got his B. Although he was educated for the priesthood, he turned from Orthodox religion to a faith in science and in social regeneration under the guidance of the intellectual elite. His vision was also social and political. This page was last edited on 18 Augustat The discovery of the intrinsic justice in the world is achieved through truth. Only what never began will never end; what preceded everything else will survive everything else; what happened first will disappear last.

A lie is a conscious distortion of truth. A trial at teaching in at a gymnasium in Uzice convinced him that he could endure teaching.

Error is a lower degree of truth. In he was transferred from his teaching post in Uzice to Nis. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Whereas academic philosophers repudiated this system as incoherent, many Serb avant-garde poets and writers found in it a congenial vision of the universe in which everything, including msili and beauty, had its own rightful place in a world striving after proportion. For the next 20 years he taught throughout Serbia, moved from one town to the next, Though this job entailed a great amount of drugery, he managed to write and publish several volumes.

Božidar Knežević

Serbian philosophers Serbian writers births deaths University of Belgrade alumni. Proportion, he boldly states, is “the Telos philosophy of history. The whole, which is unconscious and general, precedes the part, which is conscious and specific. Henceforth, history and philosophy were his major interests.

Božidar Knežević – – Free Download PDF

There can be no question that much of the writing he did was written under difficult conditions. Retrieved from ” https: He envisioned a worldwide socio-cultural system boidar the outgrowth of human progress grounded in science and historical understanding.

He died at Belgrade on 18 February of tuberculosis. A year later he took a few months leave to volunteer for the Serbo-Bulgarian War The result is a vast, dynamic, and unique vision of mankind’s place and destiny within the determining laws of an evolving then devolving universe.


When the part separates from the whole, there is conflict with the whole and with other parts. He wrote, “A dogma is an embalmed thought: Morality and more moral organization of social life are born out of pain and misi. Error is noble and natural. In addition, “history binds all peoples and leads to their reconciliation and overall harmony”.

Such constant transfers from one high school to another while translating foreign authors and writing about history and philosophy at the same time is a testament to struggle and to courage, for every bit of it was composed under conditions which most writers would find impossible. A lie is an obstacle to truth. Views Read Edit View history. From this conflict there arises a new order and proportionality which is only temporary and gives place to a new phase of disintegration.

Here he found a coterie of admirers, and a change in fortune and reputation came with the knezegic of ” Principi istorije ” Principles of history in Once elements achieve proportion and balance with each other, “they live simultaneously” in a great organic whole in which one can ultimately arrive at “complete bozidat, freedom, justice and truth”. He believed in man’s dignity and natural right to liberty.

He said, ” The entire truth does not rest in any particular theory, idea or principle, as these are only particles of the whole truth