Feuchtgebiete has ratings and reviews. Michelle said: Everyone says that this book is super gross. Honestly, I wasn’t grossed out or amused by. Editions for Feuchtgebiete: (Paperback published in ), by Charlotte Roche First published Sort by . ebook, pages. Wetlands eBook: Charlotte Roche, Tim Mohr: : Kindle Store. Since its debut in February, the novel (“Feuchtgebiete,” in German) has sold more than .

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From then on, though, the entire family spent their lives pretending the suicide attempt had never happened. She also gained my empathy as she attempted to bring her parents back together, and talked about her various experiences. I found it to be a psycological profile of a very disturbed individual with some serious mental problems. Es wurde verrissen, missverstanden, in den Himmel gelobt und als Befreiungsschlag gefeiert.

People who are uptight about their bodies, or who prefer to chaflotte thinking about the fact that our bodies secrete substances and smell weird and so on and so forth.

It is fucking gross and fucking terrible as fuck.

Unfortunately, there was no story to back up the language. This book is about an 18 year old girl with some very unconventional views on hygiene to say the least. She seems determined to absorb feufhtgebiete filth of the world, molecule by molecule. For supporters it is an erotic literary classic; for critics it is cleverly marketed pornography.

May be a good present for your teenage daughter if you want to shine as a cool parent. It is one of the most disgustingly repulsive and unsettling of books.

From the get go, I was pretty intrigued with this book.

feuchtgebiette English Choose a language for shopping. Du musst menstruieren, wenn sie auch menstruiert. And, in the end, I think the author proved the exact point she was trying to make as people especially women responded to this book with a one star rating. I didn’t find it to be that at all. I would love to read a book which pushes these boundaries and truly explores what it means to be a woman today; however Wetlands eboo, not this book.


Honestly, I’m not sure what I expected. According to her, we are all slaves of hygiene, except for her, who’s a maverick of dirtiness.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. So subtly is the fume of life designed, To clarify the pulse and cloud rkche mind, And leave me once again undone, possessed.

She has lived in Germany since the age of eight, having previously lived in London and the Netherlands. I think it takes a certain amount of empathy to understand that this is not just a gross-fest.

: Feuchtgebiete: Roman (German Edition) eBook: Charlotte Roche: Kindle Store

Kaum ein Buch hat in den letzten Fharlotte soviel Aufsehen erregt wie dieses. I love reading books which make me feel sad, angry, loving, enlightened, bitter, etc.

It disgusted me and made me momentarily uncomfortable in my own body even though I’ve spent years attempting to simultaneously become jaded to revolting topics and to accept my physicality. To take on the language of Roche, the underlying message is that we’re all just humans – we fuck, we eat, we shit.

Something that has endured, so you know it will stand up to whatever vile things Wetlands throws at it. While she is laid up, she decides this is a good time to get her divorced parents back together and she plots how she can use said butt injury to her advantage. And she has a crush on a nurse that begins when she asks him to photograph her wound after surgery. I like eating my smegma; I like when sperm is drying on my skin and when it peels off; Fucking is one of my hobbies. This one has it’s own special merits.

Now, if she had witnessed this, as I have, she would not have had her protag runing around hospital floors in agonising pain after said person just plopped out tampons on the elevator floor just because it seemed like a good idea. I am not afraid. In my opinion, a more likely comparison is a gross-out version of Girl, Interrupted. And if Helen is supposed to serve as a symbol of “taking back sexuality” and to bring women’s body issues to the forefront, than I’m not buying it.


Everyone says that this book is super gross. Charlotte Roche – Heldin meiner Jugend – schreibt ein Buch und ich muss es lesen!

Check out Edna St Vincent: Feuchtgebiere writes in German, so I’ve no doubt that something was missing in translation, even if just a bit of readability. We can call this the Palahniuk Principle. Showing of 9 reviews. Since I am quite sentimental myself, this was very refreshing.

And your kids are not perfect.

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Boundary crossing and explicit content alone isn’t enough to get me excited and so I was left with two hundred pages of internal monologue by a character who acts and talks like she’s a six year old hitting puberty early. The other colloquial meaning has something to do with a female body part. Or just goche had a more intricate plot. Roche chooses scatology as her playground. She grew up in a rather alternative cultural environment in a Charlotte Elisabeth Grace Roche is a British-born German television presenter, actress, singer and author.

There really is no way that I can describe to you the lengths to which the 18 year-old Helen will to char,otte that she understands – and thus enjoys- sex far better than anyone who preceded her on this earth. Not to mention that “Wetlands” is so poorly written that it shouldn’t rocge allowed to make any sort of statement about anything.

Charlotte likes to shock her readers with her dirty stories. Fourth Estate – E-books – General: How women needed veuchtgebiete wake up call, this it’s-okay-to-talk-about-this.