DA 2 FORM 1 JUL 79 TEAR ALONG DOTTED LINE BE EXACT PIN POINT WHERE IT IS from MSC at Jacksonville State University. DA Form Hand Receipt/Annex Number. DA Form Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet DA Form Equipment. Mail your letter, DA Form (Recommended Changes to. Publications and Blank Forms) or DA Form located in back of this manual.

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Supply required voltages to the tubes in the probe and to the amplifier and pulse shaping circuit. Remove two screws securing handle to cover and check both gaskets. Inspect for tears in the cables. Let us know why you don’ like the.

Da Form 2028

Overhaul does not normally return an item to like new condition. If a malfunction is not listed or is not corrected by performing listed corrective for, notify your Supervisor and evacuate to higher maintenance for repair. Never attempt to replace a tube in the radiacmeter. If the surface area missing paint is larger than 1 square inch, touch up painting is required.


Security Classification And Marking. If you find any mistakes or if you DA Form know of a way to improve the procedures, please let us know.

TM 11-6665-209-20 – Liberated Manuals

Takes pulses from the probe and sa verts them to constant amplitude pulses which are applied to the meter circuit. Inspect for broken clasps or handles. Those masters of search engine manipulation make sure that their sites that sell free information, ad up first in search engines.

Send us firm EIR. Otherwise, use regular paper for your report. Check to see whether the equipment has been modified.

This manual has a companion document with a TM number followed by. Check that the knob is not cracked or missing. Inspect the battery compartment for corrosion. Handle in accordance with TB This manual cannot list all malfunctions that may occur, not all tests or inspections and corrective actions.

If the Radiac Set fails to operate, then follow the maintenance instructions in paragraph Troubleshooting. Indicates the amount of radiation detected by the probe on a scale.


The TM HR consists of. Inspect captive screws for damage broken threads or cracks.

Contains two Geiger-Mueller tubes which detect radiation. Tighten the screws securely in order to maintain a watertight battery compartment.


Check for frays, tears, or cracks in the probe and headset ad. This manual supersedes so much of TM 2 Septemberincluding all changes that pertains to the Organizational Maintenance. If you can, please provide a link to liberatedmanuals. Check for frays or tears. The numbers indicate the applicable tool or test equipment for the maintenance functions.

Why are not letting you give those free manuals to your friends? Perform the operational check routine on the equipment prior to storage. Beta and tions together gamma Types of gamma radia- or radiation alone. Inspect the equipment for damage incurred during shipment.