But when Wesley Rush, the school heartthrob, tells her she’s a DUFF – a Designated Ugly Fat Friend – it really gets to Bianca. Things aren’t. Written by Kody Keplinger, narrated by Ellen Grafton. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. The DUFF by Kody Keplinger – review. ‘There were times I found myself DUFF stands for: “Designated Ugly Fat Friend”. This is where my first.

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It didn’t need to be anything other than what it was-fun.

The DUFF by Kody Keplinger – review

Want to Read saving…. Wesley and Bianca’s banter was hilarious. Here are some newsflashes for you: It’s somewhat heavy-handed and all is resolved rather too neatly, but a enjoyable, if light, read. Instead of feeling guilty and apologetic, she turns around and calls her friend a bitch and a snotty cheerleader.

I wanted to be a feminist; I wanted to write a great piece of feminist literature; and yet, I still succumbed to my own internalized misogyny.

Sometimes with keplnger sole intention of getting my mind off my problems. In book,he has d This book. Her mother is away all the time and Bianca is afraid her father might start drinking again, after eighteen years.


Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors. Despite being a stone bitch, Bianca somehow manages to make Wesley fall in love with her, gets an easy out from having to decide which of her two suitors to pick view spoiler [since the other guy nobly gives her up while admitting that he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend — what a cop-out!

By the end of the book though? I’ll Give You the Sun By: We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. His eyes were wide as he leaned keplingee. Jul 02, Chelsey Ellice rated it it was amazing Shelves: So many of my Friendd friends have liked this, and I’ve read many reviews proclaiming how awesome it is.

Tl;dr – This was a mixed bag. She’s not obsessed with dating jocks. I think not, especially when it comes to the fact that she finds solace in sex.

The DUFF: (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) Kody Keplinger PDF Download – video dailymotion

Bianca, the DUFF, is not your regular ‘misfit’ or protagonist. This audio book felt so real to me. Another boy ends up asking her out too.

The movie is gonna be a typical teen film, with blocked kissing scenes, and an over exaggeration of high school issues. However, being a teenage girl with all the insecurities that go along with that, Bianca can’t quite forget what Wesley called vriend. I thought that was kind of realistic. The trick is in understanding this and it’s something that comes with age, experience, and the odd emotional bruise.


You’re not having a good time. But read the book and tell me how the book doesn’t do the opposite of that. But will Elle get her happily ever after? So here’s kelpinger things get a bit messy. This may be common in female circles, but I can’t stand this shit.

The DUFF: (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)

Story was okay I really disliked the narrator and her voices for other people. It seems a lot of people didn’t. Looking for Alaska brilliantly chronicles the indelible impact one life can have on another. The book in itself doesn’t have well-formed characters, and there were times I found myself just laughing at how utterly fruend and fake the book really is.

It was just a tiny bit too perfect because we all know not everybody gets happy endings. I don’t see anyone especially a teenage girl moving past one of the scenes in this book with no lingering anger.