In Diva, the companion to Alex Flinn’s YA novel Breathing Under Water, Caitlin is dealing with a lot. She’s living through the aftermath of an abusive re. Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn. Flashback; Ex: “Me. Sixth grade. Looking like I might explode out of y jeans any second at middle-school. Breathing Underwater was Flinn’s first novel. It was originally published in and was chosen a Top 10 ALA.

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The two begin to have tutoring sessions together and during winter they go to a lodge. I feel bad for her. In it, Paul Richmond, who has trouble fitting in at a private school where his mother works as a secretary. Yet Caitlin does begin to find her true self, and she blossoms despite the formidable odds. It was also a 1 New York Times bestseller.

She informs us about her feelings, how she feels, what is she listening and also, how much she weigh. The tale continues in the present day with Celine, Violet’s stepdaughter, who is more beautiful than she and the object of Violet’s envy and wrath.

The song that she performs is called The Phantom of the Opera.

Yet despite some struggles to keep up with her competitive classmates and the distraction of cute new crush, Caitlin never loses her sense of humor and eventually gains the confidence to achieve her goals.

Jan 12, Robert rated it did not like it. My legs are shaking so hard I can barely stand, so I lean against the piano like those opera singers on PBS. Sean grins at me from the piano bench.


Apr 20, Macklin rated it really liked it. Alex Flinn loves fairy tales and made her two daughters sit through several dozen versions of Beauty and the Beast while she wrote this book. I really related a lot to Diva.

Diva (Breathing Underwater, #2) by Alex Flinn

For other uses, see Breathing Underwater disambiguation. This is one of the best young adult books I’ve read! Like literally twice a year. There’s a lot of musical and operatic references. He explains everything to Linda and the two go back and live in the apartment together. But I can’t believe that he is so quickly redeemed. Then she became a pretty blond girl and eventually got a boyfriend.

Don’t be fooled by this corny or superficial title. Maria Georgina de la Iglesia Corre. She lives in Miami. Even towards the end of the book I mostly wanted to smack her and I didn’t really feel much empathy towards her. Well, maybe not okay, but. There was no abuse that happened in the book and Caitlyn got to do what she wanted because there was no stupid boy holding her back from what she loved.

This is not like a fantasy trilogy where it’s essential to go in order. When the two meet, they begin to solve the mystery of why each is there.

This probably influenced my interest in witches It also means I can’t use that as a password or security question — and no, I won’t tell you my first pet’s name. I thought Caitlin’s true best friends continued to stand by her at the end of Breathing Underwater. If you would like to contact me, please visit bt Facebook, Twitter, or website or e-mail me alixwrites aol.


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Open Preview See a Problem? After a year of fljnn in this state, and trying and failing to find love, Kyle changes his name to Adrian to reflect his feelings of being a completely different person from the conceited, materialistic boy he used to be. I didn’t know she has that kind of backbone in her previously, her scenes in B.

When you’re five and dancing in your mom’s dresses, everyone’s a superstar. But for this oblivious-to-opera Deadhead, I was entranced, above all, by the aspects of the story involving a complex teen with a passion for a relatively unusual flavor of performing arts, who pays attention to priorities and is faced with overcoming a fear of failure while simultaneously dealing with the rest of her life. I went to the library and took out books on writing. Hardcoverpages. Too late when she realized, his boyfriend was from Hell.

I can play anything. When Michael finds out his mother is slex trial for murder, he must decide whether to stay with the carnival and Kirstie, or come back to Miami to try to help his mother.