The hengeyokai (also known as katanga in Malatra) were an incredibly varied species of shapechangers. “Ecology of the Hengeyokai”. In Steve Winter ed. Hengeyokai is a character race in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons. 4th edition rules for hengeyokai first appeared in “The Ecology of the Hengeyokai” by Tim. Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page – Article (Ecology of the Hengeyokai) Play as a furry? YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!.

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They then lived in peace on Toril for many millennia. Results 41 to 50 of I generally hate anthro characters, but I love this article as it finally gives me rules for playing Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy. te

The greatest insult one could give to a hengeyokai was trapping them in a cage. He stands on his hind appendages to the height of a normal man. In return, the hengeyokai receive offerings of food, gifts, and hengfyokai from those they protect.

A hengeyokai has the same level and ability scores in each form. Hengeyokai have keen eyes while in animal or hybrid form, capable of sight in dark conditions as is befitting of their th. Genetics hegneyokai Reproduction In animal form, hengeyokai can reproduce with hengeyokai or normal animals of the same species. Few actually took the opportunity but it remained nonetheless, despite groups who actively opposed the move.

The front appendages wings, paws, or fins change into hands, capable of gripping and using normal weapons. Armor Class AC applies only to the animal form, not the bipedal or human form. I wouldn’t have minded seeing a little 4e style re-conception, however! Comments Please Login in order to comment!


Armor and equipment do not change form; they simply drop to the ground. Naming traditions As Kamefonese Major organizations Most hengeyokai go “stealth” in one sense or another, making any real organization rare. The game already covers shapeshifting humanoids; they’re called Shifters.

After the eladrin emerged victorious, they went on an almost genocidal purge of all hengeyokai, causing the species to flee Faerie en masse. They are not lycanthropesand have none of the characteristics of lycanthropy.

Ecology of the Hengeyokai

I’d love evology see one race concept that brought all of that together. The change in form is genuine. He cannot speak any languages other than those of the hengeyokai and normal animals, though he can understand any languages he knows. Hit points lost in one form are carried over point for point when the creature changes form.

However, things become difficult when two hengeyokai of differing species in human form reproduce: IMHO, this is more option bloat. Like his animal form, the human form is genuine and cannot be detected by spells that reveal illusions. However, they hengeyokaai to eat foods associated with their animal forms. Dietary needs hnegeyokai habits Regardless of form, hengeyokai retain the dietary needs of their base form.

Tuesday, 24th July, For instance, a fox hengeyokai is usually evil, so humans avoid it. Most hengeyokai avoided contact with other sentient races with the exception of the spirit folk. Originally Posted by AbdulAlhazred.


Most would actively retreat from encounters with humans, realizing that they hengyeokai more in common with spirits than they did with humanity, despite having the ability to appear just like a human. For instance, a 1st level hengeyokai can change from human to animal or biped only once in a given day. They prefer to avoid prolonged contact with humans.


Hengeyokai are found mostly on the island of Kamefon, their ehngeyokai land. As noted above, a hengeyokai has only half his normal hit points when in animal form.

Contents [ show ]. For instance, a hengeyokai sparrow cannot fly in bipedal form, and a bipedal carp must use the normal swimming rules.

Hengeyokai Species in Þaren | World Anvil

Native to Faerie, they first entered Toril in the wake of a massive war between the eladrin and the fomorians where evil hengeyokai served the fomorians as spies and assassins. Hengeyokai have a complicated relationship with humans, with an ambivalent to positive view of the native Kamefonese people. Posting Hengeykai Reply – Please Wait.

The animal form of a hengeyokai subrace was thought to never be as big as an adult human, though rumors persisted, especially in the south, that there were some subraces that had animal forms that could be larger than most men. Each animal form has its own alignment restrictions and special abilities; consult the Hengeyokai Creatures table below.

Additionally, they can transform into a hybrid form, mixing the strengths and weaknesses of the two forms. The hengeyokai diet is similar to that of humans.

A rare few fo out away from familiar surroundings to live in Cormyr, the Dalelands, the Western Heartlands and the North. Luckily, Intimidate is a Charisma-based skill.