Pulpal and periodontal problems are responsible for more than 50% of tooth mortality today. An endo-perio lesion can have a varied. An endo-perio lesion can have a varied pathogenesis which ranges from simple to relatively complex one. The differential diagnosis of. 10 steps to efficient endo in the general practice. For differential diagnosis and treatment purposes, “endo-perio” lesions are classified as either.

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Support Center Support Center. Table of Contents Alerts. Effectiveness of selected materials against Enterococcus faecalis: The most common cause of vertical root fracture in endodontically treated teeth is the excessive force used during lateral condensation of gutta-percha.

Endo-Perio Dilemma: A Brief Review

Diagnosis, prognosis and decision-making in the treatment of combined periodontal-endodontic lesions. Electron microscopic investigation of hyaline bodies in odontogenic cysts. The differential diagnosis of endodontic and periodontal diseases can sometimes be difficult but it is of vital importance to make a correct diagnosis so that the appropriate treatment can be provided.

Important qualities of cross-infecting organisms may be the ability to survive in highly reduced environments and motility. Iatrogenic root canal perforations: Walton RE, Torabinejad M, editors.

The endo-perio lesion is a condition characterized by the association of periodontal and pulpal disease in lesiln same dental element.


Ray and Trope [ 14 ] reported that defective restorations and adequate root canal fillings had a higher incidence of failures than teeth with inadequate root canal fillings and adequate restorations. Guide to Periodontics; pp.

Endo-perio lesions: Diagnosis and clinical considerations Shenoy N, Shenoy A – Indian J Dent Res

There is a more extensive periodontal pocket which has occurred as a result of the drainage from noxious agents present in lesino infected root canal system. If the periodontium had a previous inflammation, it may lead to dissemination of the inflammation which can result in pulp necrosis [ 17 ]. It is very essential to make a correct diagnosis so that the appropriate treatment can be provided. Etiological and contributing factors in endo-perio lesions Click here to view. To receive news and publication updates for International Journal of Dentistry, enter your email address in the box below.

A deep narrow probing defect is noted on just one aspect of the tooth root. The tooth anatomy and the etiology of endodontic-periodontal lesions offer a strong base for establishing a correct diagnosis. Shenoy N, Shenoy Ehdo. An in vitro study. Rationale for the application of the GTR principle using a barrier membrane in endodontic surgery: Clinical lewion, drawbacks, and mechanism of action.

Zubery Y, Peio A. They have the potential to cause root resorption. Radiographs are essential for detection of anatomic landmarks and a variety of pathological conditions.


Therefore, to achieve the best outcome for these lesions, a multi-disciplinary approach should be involved. This is achieved by careful history taking, examination, and performing special tests.

Endo-Perio Dilemma: A Brief Review

However, it is critical to recognize the interrelationship for successful management of these lesions. Rubach and Mitchell [ 18 ] suggested that the periodontal disease may affect the pulp health when the accessory canal exposure occurs, allowing the periodontopathogenic bacteria to cause inflammatory reactions followed by pulp necrosis.

Madison S, Wilcox LR. Treating primary periodontal lesions Determining the prognosis depends upon the stage of periodontal disease and the efficacy of periodontal treatment.

International Journal of Dentistry

The irritating chemical may diffuse through the dentinal tubules, and when combined with heat, they are likely to cause necrosis of the cementum, inflammation of the periodontal ligament, and subsequently root resorption [ 3637 ]. Int J Paediatr Dent ; Molecular epidemiology and association of putative pathogens in root canal infection. Diagnosis, prognosis and decision-making in the treatment ebdo combined peri-odontal-endodontic lesions.

Torabinejad Lesionn, Kiger RD. The relationship of endodontic-periodontic lesions. Indexed in Web of Science.