I am coming to Heyer in the opposite way, after reading countless romances, including many Regencies. Frederica is the first book I have read by Georgette. After reading Frederica I thanked my lucky stars that Georgette Heyer was such a prolific writer and that she lived a long life. She wrote over The orphaned Frederica has arrived in London in the hopes of . If you read no other novel by Georgette Heyer, it should probably be this one.

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He decides to do it to basically get back at his own horrid sisters, who have been trying rrederica coerce him to bring out their daughters and pay byy the expenses thereto. Alverstoke is fascinated by her frank and open manners, unlike the society manners of London’s fashionable ladies.

I just need to give them all a hug. We spend a large amount of time in Alverstoke’s point of view, watching him being besotted and having him fret over the question of whether his feelings are returned.

Of course the most comic episode is the one with Lufra, the so called Baluchistan hound, but let us not forget the scenes when Frederica and Charis arrive to the ball, then what happens at the foundry and how Felix coaxes Alverstoke for taking him to see the ballon ascension, the chase after it with the hope that sustain Alverstoke through that awful timethe Restorative Pork Jelly and the narration of the frustrated wedding ceremony.

Certainly all of them are more moral and would make much better husbands. I make no profit off my blog. Sir Tristam probably wouldn’t, but he also wants to settle to a country life of quiet respectability so I cannot imagine him doing everything with the flair of Alverstoke. Currently a few of them are on KU and also on sale on Audible. It is exciting to see how inititally Alverstoke takes interest in the Merrivilles just to annoy his own family but later, as much as he would wish to avoid become more and gekrgette entangled with them and finally realises he does not want to be free from them at least three of themhe, he, he, he.


This book was delightful. Well yeah, but then Pork Jelly happened.

I enjoyed this one too, Nicole. Wait, you WANT to come right?? Bored cynic becomes un-bored by the arrival of country cousins who get into scrapes right on his doorstep?

I look forward to reading this novel.

Alverstoke likes the youngest of his sisters, Lady Elizabeth Kentmere Elizawho lives in the country with her beloved family. While peace proves elusive, grorgette are distinct benefits to the louder, and more boisterous, aspects of marital happiness.

Well, I kind of have to be you know, the whole family depends on me!

Frederica (novel) – Wikipedia

But before The Ball, there is this hilarious episode about Frederica bringing their dog Lufra to the Green Park, where she didn’t know there were cows because the deceitful guide-book forgot to mention it! There are a frederiac of Heyer books out there, several of which are being rereleased this year.

Sounds lovely and fun. Harry Merriville is enrolled at Oxford. In chapter one, Alverstoke pays a call on his widowed sister, Lady Lousia Buxted. Read in Sometimes you encounter a fictional character and the experience changes you.

Frederica is legendary in our house as “that book with the dog,” my husband ought to tell that story, as it’s his but I love the book for how thoroughly the Marquis of Alverstoke is drawn into the Merriville family, entirely against his will.

This is one of my favourite Heyers: In Fair Verona by empressearwig for Xanoka Fandoms: I think I can relate to her more than any other Heyer heroine so far.

I had a hard time stopping the audiobook.

Desert Isle Keeper

First, no one has to explain to him what is going on. The level of regency detail and the language in this book is so immersive. Can you imagine living that way? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Somehow, Frederica thinks that domestic peace will only be the start of their shared happiness.


Frederica : Heyer, Georgette : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Alverstoke and his sister Eliza the only awesome one! Dear boy, I know nothing about those things! The Marquis was irritatingly perfect, and it did feel like Heyer indulged her fantasies of perfection just a little bit much with him.

As close as perfect in Regency setting, I think. There’s a brother away at school and two boys in their teens who live with Frederica. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! There is no whack-you-over-the-head sensuality, no love at first sight, no instant lust.

The Grand Sophy will always be my favorite Heyer novel, but Frederica will always come beorgette close to usurping it.

But his method of punishing them was to be cruel to their daughters. The Merriville family is lively and likeable and a little bit crazy, and as they heyee into one scrape after another and Alverstoke somehow ends up being the one who rescues them, time after time, he finds himself getting more and more attached to all of them.

His sisters bore him, social activities bore him, conventions bore him, political fdederica bore him, doing anything productive bores him. This is one of my favorites because I love family dynamics. Highly entertaining whether in print or read aloud. I am in a shocking scrape!! The scraps the boys and even Frederica go into were funny, the characters well done, and overall