The Honor Series, a lesbian romantic intrigue series by Radclyffe. Honor Bound. by Radclyffe It shouldn’t have mattered, and she was well used to ignoring her security guards, just as they were well schooled in appearing. Radclyffe Honor Bound In this third book of the “Honor” series, Blair Powell, the President’s daughter, and Cameron Roberts, the.

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The first meeting of smooth warm flesh became a light bite and then a serious exploration as she sucked and licked and tasted her, afraid she might die if she couldn’t have more.

She couldn’t even blame Blair for being angry with her. In this part of the series the relationship between Cameron and Blair deepened, and my god those two have incredible sexual tension, it only gets Hotter.

Blair watched Diane move sinuously off through the crowd and wondered how long it would take her to make her way around the room to Cam. She shook her head ruefully.

Honor Bound (Radclyffe)

This is what I want to be doing, and six months of doing your job proved it to me. What she couldn’t tell Blair, and what she didn’t want to radclyffee about herself, was how many times in those six weeks she had imagined how Blair’s skin would feel under her fingertips.

She touched Blair’s hand fleetingly, radclyfff said quietly, “I don’t care what you think is happening between you two, she cares.

Someone jostled her shoulder passing by and she swore under her breath. She was tired, and she was lonely. Grant glanced at her in concern, catching the strain in her voice and wondering if she was all right. She wasn’t hypocritical enough to deny, even to herself, that she and Blair had tried to keep their meetings a secret, but they had not ohnor eluded the Secret Service agents assigned to protect Blair either.

Honor Bound (Radclyffe) Audiobooks – Listen to the Full Series |

Cameron didn’t remember the nightmarish scene when she lay bleeding on the sidewalk and agents surrounded Blair, dragging her to cover. The two women find their love and Cam’s career on hoonr line as they become the center of intense media scrutiny and a clandestine plot to destroy the President. Out on the street, Blair turned and watched Cam come through the door.


She had allowed Blair Powell to seduce her. She wasn’t really listening to anything except the need singing through her pelvis. She could feel her as strongly as if they stood touching.

In the kind of bureaucracy that existed within the federal government, with multiple security agencies having overlapping spheres of interest and influence, there were never-ending turf struggles, and even those who ‘needed to know’ eadclyffe didn’t get critical information until it was too late to be useful. On to part 3, hopefully it’s of the same quality.

Instead of leaving, Cam walked through the room and out onto a small iron-railed balcony with a view of Central Park. In this third book of honorr Honor series, Blair and Cam struggle to protect their relationship from intensified media exposure while they are unwillingly drawn into a shadowy conspiracy that puts Cam’s career and the president’s political future at risk.

Cam did not want to be standing two feet away from her when Blair did that, because regardless of her intentions, Cam knew she would be tempted. She let the color and the movement and the depth of the images take form without her conscious direction.

She had just needed to touch her so much. They formed a task force to monitor the situation,” Cam began. The top floor of the warehouse was dimly lit by rows of dirty windows well above head honnor and fluorescent lights dangling from heavy chains in the cavernous ceiling.

Doyle’s bounr darkened as his lips curled slightly in derision. Secret Service Agent Evyn Daniels. Any act of terrorism, including an attack on Egret, would obviously disrupt those plans. I simply cherish Blair and more than admire her heart, spirit, and often cantankerous nature brought on by her almost exclusively living in a fishbowl and often under the microscope of practically everyone. Point of Honor Robert N.


But the Loeb Classical Library is a series of editions, not of works. Jan 22, Erica rated it it was amazing Shelves: She was exonerated by virtue of the fact that she had been an unintended victim of Lover Boy’s presumed attack on Blair. He knew that she was assessing the monitoring equipment that the men and women assigned to her command utilized twenty-four hours a day to observe and protect the only child of the President of the United States. Furthermore, she had been in that dressing room with Blair once, and she knew just how small it was, and she knew exactly rzdclyffe Blair looked when she stripped off her clothes to put on her work out gear.

Honor Bound : MP3 CD

Her own frustration and fear surfaced, and she said caustically, “That’s your solution to everything, isn’t it, Cameron? I was filled with a dazzling array of sensations while perched on the edge of my seat for by and large the entire book.

Shot in place of Blair Powell when she had stepped in front of her and stopped a bullet from a sniper’s rifle. Things had not gone well with Egret.

At Cam approached Blair’s building. Cam made no move to stop her. Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts, who commands Egret’s security detail,” he said, nodding at Cam, his eyes unreadable as they skimmed over hers. We talked on the phone, planned to meet radclytfe soon as we could.

She imagined Cam’s hands on her, just as she had imagined them many times during the weeks they had been apart. Having more than one ‘villain’ in the book certainly lent to that.

The lights were conversationally dim, female servers in white shirts, black bow ties, and tailored black trousers moved carefully through the crowd with trays of hors d’oeuvres balanced in front of them. Return to Book Page.