La rebelión de Kronstadt by Alexander Berkman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. LA MALATESTA, Rústica. Book Condition: Nuevo. Dust Jacket Condition: Nuevo. La rebelión de Kronstadt de representa un antes y un después . Soldiers of the Red Army attack the island fortress of Kronstadt on the ice of the Gulf of Finland. Rebelión de Kronstadt Revolució Russa · Rebel·lió de Kronstadt · Història de la Unió Soviètica i la Rússia Usage on

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The Russian Revolution New York: The following other wikis use this file: Their aid had been decisive This file has been identified as being free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights.

Right from the start, the Petrograd bureaucrats made use of the system of hostages by arresting the families of the sailors, Red Army soldiers and workers of Kronstadt who were living in Petrograd because several commissars in Kronstadt – not one of whom was shot – had been arrested. To liberate all political prisoners of Socialist parties as well as all workers, peasants, soldiers and Sailors imprisoned in connection with the labour and peasant movements.

SR stood for Social Revolutionariesa socialist party whose right wing had refused to support the Bolsheviks. Viking Press For the rebellions of Russian sailors in andsee Kronstadt mutinies.

Stepán Maxímovich Petrichenko

Some months after his return, he was arrested on espionage charges and sentenced to ten years in prison, and died at Vladimir prison in That is the fundamental point of the whole problem.

This system of generalised lying is the result, not the cause, of the separation of the Bolshevik party from socialism and from the proletariat. This question must become paramount in international discussion. More even than that: The rebellion was crushed by the Red Army after a day military campaign, resulting in several thousand deaths.

Those debates started at the time of the rebellion. Should such guards or military detachments be found necessary they are to be appointed in the army from the ranks, and in the factories according to the rebelikn of the workers. We reproduce it in full, because of its immense historical importance.


File:Kronstadt – Wikimedia Commons

The news of the seizing of hostages was brought to the knowledge of Kronstadt by means of leaflets dropped from aeroplanes. This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less. JPG According to http: The Spirit Of Change: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In their OPposition to this, Lenin and Trotsky, in line with Stalin, with Zinoviev, Kaganovitch, and others responded to the wishes and served the interests of the bureaucratic cadres. While the revolutionaries, remaining such only in words, accomplished in fact the task of the reaction and counter-revolution, they were compelled, inevitably, to have recourse to lies, to calumny and falsification.

At this moment of crisis the different classes and parties which existed within the revolutionary camp each presented their solution for its resolution. The workers struggled for the socialism which the bureaucracy were already in the process of liquidating.

First, Krivitsky asked, “Is the Soviet Government a fascist government? Until its advent, one might waver emotionally or doubt intellectually or even reject the cause altogether in one’s mind, and yet refuse to attack it.

File:Kronstadt attack.JPG

Mikhail Tukhachevsky Leon Trotsky. The offensive against Poland had ended in defeat at Warsaw, the social revolution had not broken out in the West, the Russian revolution had become isolated, famine and disorganisation had seized the entire country.

A bibliography by a historian of the Russian Civil War characterizes Avrich’s history as “the only kgonstadt, scholarly, non-partisan account of the genesis, course and repression of the rebellion to have appeared in Kronztadt. Kronstadt rebellion Black and white photographs in the s.

Let us consider, finally, one last accusation which is commonly circulated: This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat The Kronstadt resolution declared for the Opposite Since it declared itself against the employment of wage labour in agriculture and small industry. It was precisely the end of the civil war which produced the splitting of the post-revolutionary society into two fundamental groupings: I also had the Opportunity of knowing one of the most effective participants in the Kronstadt rebellion.

Copyright Office before January 1, Instead there should be established educational and cultural commissions, locally elected and financed by the government. Lenin rigidly carried it through, Trotsky sang its praises. But such a conception of the progress of the Russian Revolution does not diminish in the slightest, in the realms of principle, the historic importance of the programme and the efforts of the working masses.


Guttridge 1 August Bythe Bolsheviks were winning the Russian Civil War and foreign troops were beginning to withdraw, yet Bolshevik leaders continued to keep tight control of the economy through the policy of War Communism. The depth of principle which animates this resolution is shown by the fact that it is still to a great extent applicable. They were bloodily destroyed or sent into Siberian slavery by Communist troops led in person by the Commissar of War, Leon Trotsky, and by Marshal Tukhachevsky, one of whom was later assassinated, the other executed, by the regime they then saved.

The anarchist Emma Goldmanwho was in Petrograd at the time of the rebellion, described in a retrospective account from how “the news in the Paris Press about the Kronstadt uprising two weeks before it happened had been stressed in the [official press] campaign against the sailors as proof positive that they had been tools of the Imperialist gang and that rebellion had actually been hatched in Paris. To equalize all the rations of all who work with the exception of those employed in trades detrimental to health.

Production of cotton, for example, had fallen to 5 percent and iron to 2 percent of the pre-war level, and this coincided with droughts in and and the Russian famine of To call a non-partisan Conference of the workers, Red Army Soldiers and sailors of Petrograd, Kronstadt, and of Petrograd province, no later than March 10th, Permission Reusing this file.

Summary [ edit ] Description Kronstadt attack. And it was Lenin and Trotsky who to a great extent realised it but without political democracy in the form of the NEP. Bakan says the National Centre originated in as a self-described “underground organization formed in Russia for the rebeloon against the Bolsheviks.

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