· Bauanleitungen. Im Aufbau meines LEGO® Technic „Mercedes Zetros Expedition Truck“ parkt ein ATV. Und weil das ziemlich gut bei Euch . 9 hours ago, JDL said: Nice little build. I like it.. 9 hours ago, BrickbyBrickTechnic said: Wow. For something meant for tracked. Lego Mosaik Set (Large). Denken mit Lego ( Thinking with Lego, pcs). .. Air Tech Claw Rig.

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No problem for the Mercedes Zetros Lego Technik Pneumatik Truck The turntable was present baunaleitung no less than 4 sets this year, being a major improvement to its predecessor. Rome Sun Jan 06, The only feature is grabbing somehing, and tossing it in the bed, which doesn’t tilt. The main model starts with the bottom of the chassis.

Instructions For LEGO 8868 Air Tech Claw Rig

That’s it for the features, now let’s take a look at the size, compared to Crane Truck: In ”93 I was years old. Lego Technic Pneumatik Kranwagen. It was a great set to start my collection with and within two years I had collected all the big models and most of the bauanleitun models.


One after another I will put some older content online too.

Great review, it legoo brings back memories! Although the cylinders in earlier sets originally had yellow top whereas this has a black topthey were otherwise identical to this.

Custom steering hubs are made for the two steered front axles. In this text I show you a way to pledge too. Even the rubberbands still hold up, 20 years later!

Hi, That set inspired me to get pneumatic parts which i’m using right this moment.

The claw utilizes a small cylinder to work. H I forgot to say. Technic Technik wheel. Why not name B-models? And at least one of those earlier sets Backhoe got these newer cylinders at some point, because when I got mine back in early ’90s, it had these new cylinders in it.

LEGO Technic Air Tech Claw Rig () | eBay

Only thing I didn’t like was the design of the driver’s cabin windscreen. Vienna Wed Jan 09, The looks might look dated, but remember this set dates back to baunaleitung I got this set in as a Christmas present from my parents, so it has a special meaning to me.

Paris Mon Dec 31, This was some sort of pneumatic loop.


The front shows the main model, along with bauuanleitung explanation of how the compressor works. Even comes with a steering wheel! Surprisingly also the pump has a new housing. Register a new account.

LEGO® Technic Building Instructions – US

You can buy the tanks separately on Bricklink for about 7 Euros each. Thanks for the great review! Berlin Sat Jan 19, All the features are used in these two models, utilizing piston expansion as well as contraction to power different functions.

Vienna Wed Jan 16, EUR ,00 0 Offerte. Lego 1x yellow Technic Gelenkplatte 1×4 []. Page last updated 4 days ago Next update in 1 month. I think it’s little bit misleading to say that Pneumatic cylinder made it’s first appearance in this set or year.

LEGO Technic Air Tech Claw Rig (8868)

I’m in the middle of making a multi function contraption. According to Brickset, the crane weighs 0,48 kgs. The first two cylinders rotates the crane assembly.