Linear Theory of Humor (IDM); The analysis of puns by Attardo; Humour and ‘ Linguistic theories’ is a conditional name for the theories I aim to introduce here. Linguistic Theories of Humor has 15 ratings and 0 reviews. So this English professor comes into class and starts talking about the textual organization o. Linguistic theories of humor. Citation. Attardo, S. (). Humor research, 1. Linguistic theories of humor. Hawthorne, NY, US: Mouton de Gruyter.

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Attardo pays special attention to the scholars who made a contribution and have been forgotten, e.

Want to Read theoriex. Script theory revis it ed: These minor deficiencies obviously cannot overshadow the overall achievement of Linguistic theories of humor. He has authored two monographs Linguistic Theories of Humor,and Humorous Texts,both published by Mouton De Gruyter and a sociolinguistics textbook, attatdo with Steven Brown Understanding Language Structure, Interaction and Variation, University of Michigan Press2nd ed,as well as numerous articles on semantics, pragmatics, and humor research.

Inna marked it as to-read May 23, Books by Salvatore Attardo. The posi- tion Attardo takes here seems fairly complex. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions Advances in Visual Semiotics Thomas A. There are over 20 parenthet- ical references in the text to works which have not been included in the bibliography, and a further 20 have been quoted apparently incorrectly, which makes locating them in the bibliography fairly difficult.

Tamara marked it as to-read Oct 22, There linguistlc no clear conclusion to this chapter: It is rare to find a religion, including Christianity, that does not include laughter and humour in one form or another such as myths, rituals etc. It is an instrument for putting humans in their place in relation to divine beings.


Linguistic Theories of Humor

In chapters 3 and 4 puns and their resolutions are discussed. Mim marked it as to-read Mar 27, What differentiates it from a joke is primarily the multilayered structure, which the spreading activation model seems to be able to handle more directly than script theory.

Attardo and Chabanne,and Attardo,and to the incongruity-resolution theory of humor prevalent nowadays in cognitive psychology see Forabosco, The Ethnomethodological Movement Pierce J. The majority of chapter 1, however, is devoted to the Greeks, the Romans and the Renaissance mainly Italian scholars who wrote about humor. This is a truly remarkable book and a signal hhumor the burgeoning field of humor research has entered a new phase of development.

I have heard, however, that the author is going to make all the missing information available on the Internet, which could be helpful to those among us who have access to the system. In chapter 5, Attardo discusses bisociation theories as well as some stylistic and textual theories, advanced particularly by Humoe and German scholars.

Apart from that, the bibliography is truly comprehensive over items and includes over a hundred sources not discussed in the book. Overall, the fheories of the book cannot be overestimated.

Linguistic Theories of Humor

In chapter 7, Attardo probes into register-based humkr and, having discussed various possible criteria for the definition of register subject matter, linguistic fea- tures, social roles or fields of discourse and pointed out the lack of discrete bound- aries between registers and subregisters, he claims that it is not easy to define theoories ter using classical categorization. Furthermore, since the factual information con- veyed by humor is mainly to be found in its presuppositional basis that’s why it is called here a secondary social function, in contrast to primary functions of humor, such as social management or ‘decommitment’Attardo suggests that the BF and NBF modes should be placed “on a continuum on which the hearer and the speaker negotiate the level of factual information conveyed by the humorous text on the basis of contextual evidence” p.


Es untersucht unter anderem Probleme des Textaufbaus in Witzen, der Klassifizierung von Wortspielen, der Beziehung zwischen der sprachlichen Form und dem Inhalt humoristischer Texte. Temporal Variables in Speech Hans W. Semantic mechanisms of humor.

Linguistic Theories of Humor – Salvatore Attardo – Google Books

Contrasting Languages Tomasz P. Attardo’s aims in the book were manifold and ambitious, and, what is significant, he has managed to live up to his promises.

After a very detailed discussion, Attardo supports the Greimas, variant, which treated isotopy as a repetition of semes, and considers it potentially useful in the study of text coherence and text topics. Kiki rated it really liked it Apr attard, No matter whether the views established in humor studies will undergo revision attado not, the new perspective outlined in Nor- rick’s Conversational Joking will certainly contribute to the overall advancement of humor research.

Post Syndrom marked it as to-read Jan 10, The speakers are aware of the unreality of this equation, and it is done in the same playful, make-believe spirit of jokes” p. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

The studies thekries the theory e. Theinnaing marked it as to-read Feb 12,